Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project 1: Powder Room Update

Welcome to our first DIY project of the Blair home!

Our house was built in 1960 has been added-on and updated over the years by the various owners.  At this point, though, most of the rooms are outdated or not to our taste -- looks like we will have an extensive project list ahead of us!  But that's OK...this will allow up to put our personal touch on our new home, plus hopefully learn a few new skills along the way.

All of the bathrooms in our house are in need of MASSIVE facelifts (aka, gut jobs) -- we'll get to that eventually.  But in the short term, we needed to make a few cosmetic changes to the downstairs bath to make it a bit cheerier and fresh.

Honestly, I don't have many positive things to say about this small space.  The tile floor is cracked in a few places, the former owner actually moved the mirror when he packed up his household belongings, the wall color is a throwback to the to the 80's (hunter green), and both the sink and toilet are 'kid-sized' -- which can make it a little challenging for a 6' 3" husband (but convenient for our 4-yr old, who doesn't need a stool to wash her hands).

First on the list:  new paint color.  The dark green really made the already small room so much smaller and cramped.  We needed a MUCH lighter, fresher color palette for this small space! I found a great fabric from Tonic Living, which set the tone -- very 'beachy'. This is a great starting point.

I was hoping to make a simple Roman shade for color and privacy for the small window.  But, after looking at some rather difficult and time-consuming tutorials on just how to make one, I was thinking that I might need to find a Plan B option for the window treatment.  But then I came across an ingenious (and easy!) approach for a 'faux' roman shade -- now we're talking!

From there, the rest of the updates fell into place...

As you can see, just a few cosmetic updates have made a HUGE difference to this space.

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for room!  So much bigger and brighter...

Love the new mirror and light fixture

One day, we'll do a full reno of this space.  I can picture bead board on the walls, marble on the floor, new vanity w/ storage, new adult-sized toilet, etc.  Until then, this little project was well worth the limited time and effort to complete!

On to the next project...

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