Saturday, February 9, 2013

Project 5: Basement Redo - Part I

While we loved almost every aspect of our house when we purchased it, there was one space that honestly scared me...the basement.  I'm not sure why anyone would ever chose to paint the concrete floor blood red, but that's what we had to deal with.  Half of our basement is finished, although as you'll see...we need to reframe several of the exterior walls & replace the bottom 2 ft of drywall, since much of it had to be removed when we installed our basement dry system (great investment!)

Our goal:  create a warm, child-friendly space that we can use for a home gym, as well as overflow for  playdates.  At some point, we will tackle building out a laundry room, but for now...we focused on making the improving the fundamentals.

The awful red floor!  Can't wait till that's gone...

This is the partially finished section of the basement - great space!

At this point, we had just painted out all of the cabinets and walls - great storage space for all of our holiday decorations

The first course of action was to paint the red floor in the utility room (have I mentioned how much I dislike that floor color??)  It's amazing how 2 cans of pale gray masonry paint can make such a HUGE difference. more red concrete paint!

Next, we decided to install a vinyl, wood plank floating floor in the finished areas. This product is fantastic for a basement, especially when you are dealing with an uneven floor.  We did the install ourselves -- although it gave our muscles a work-out, we were able to finish in 1-1/2 days.  What a difference!

Next item on the list...tackling the stairs and repairing/painting the interior walls.

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