Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project 10 - Girls Closet

Yes...I will admit it - I love clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.  And my little 5-year old seems to be following in my footsteps.  She enjoys picking out her outfit for school each day (sometimes resulting in a rather odd -- I mean..interesting combination of colors and patterns).  Always one to encourage a creative spirit, I noticed that she was getting frustrated during the process, since she couldn't reach many of her fave pieces hanging in the closet.  Hmmm...think I know what our next little project will be.

The closet in my daughter's room is pretty run-of-the-mill, although I do like that it's really wide and has a high shelf.  We had painted all of the closets white before moving in...just to give them a fresher, cleaner feel, but hadn't really touched them since. 

My thought was to install a lower hanging bar, plus inject a little fun into the space.  First, I think we need to add a little color here...I'm thinking "Pink"?  Oh yes...I'm getting a thumb's up from mini-me on this idea.    

That definitely makes a diffeence!

As mentioned, I also wanted to add a the lower hanging bar for just half of the closet -- keep the other half usable for dresses once she gets older.  We picked up the Billy Bookcase from Ikea & injected a little color (pink, of course) to spice things up.

Then, I bought a white adjustable bar from Home Depot (in the closet section), made some measurements, installed a few screws, and voila!  Lower hanging bar AND shelving...niiiiice!

Now...needs a few accessories (thank you, Home Goods), and then we'll be done.

Oh yes -- this is MUCH better.  What little girl wouldn't love this closet??

Will add replacing these closet doors to the list, but definitely a huge improvement!

On to the next project...

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