Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Project 12: Backyard Makeover

We live on a steep hill (I'm talking 'bunny hill' ski slope steep) -- about the only flat part of our property is our back patio, which is covered 100% in flagstone. When we bought the house, we knew we'd like to completely revamp the patio to improve drainage, plus increase usable square footage. As you can see from the original pictures of our patio, about 1/3 of the patio was taken up by doors to access the basement (ala "Auntie Em!"), which we NEVER used.

To get things started, we had the 2 old trees (one that was rotting) removed, which REALLY opened up the space and allowed us to expand the square footage by 92 ft. Next, we found a mason contractor that came in and installed a 2 foot high stone retaining wall (which can double as seating for large parties, removed the doors to the basement, added new drainage, and regraded the entire patio to drain properly.

As you can see...the transformation is just incredible -- especially with the new furniture and accessories. We use this space almost daily during the summer, and it's been a great way to entertain large crowds.

Nothing better than sitting around the firepit with friends and making s'mores for the kids...

What a view!

Seating for 8 people easily now...

Amazing what weeding and new mulch can achieve! It's our little garden oasis.

As I look outside now in February to everything covered in a foot of snow, I can only dream of our warm months ahead when we can once again enjoy this space. Sigh... :)

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