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We moved into our 1960's home in 2012, located in a small coastal town in the Northeast.  Since the moment we moved in (actually, the moment after we closed!), we've been tackling a never-ending list of home improvement projects to transform our house into a home that reflects our lifestyle and personalities.  It's been an amazing journey -- sometimes UBER fulfilling, sometimes COMPLETELY exhausting -- but as I look back on all of the 'before' and 'after' photos, I'm extremely proud of what we've been able to do on a limited budget. Thanks to the internet, there's a multitude of 'how-to' videos to transform two novices into somewhat knowledgeable amateurs (although, my husband teases that I've watched, "The Matrix" one too many times, since I sometimes think we can master a new skill in somewhat of the same method).  

On top of being DIY addicts, we also are passionate about spending time with family and friends -- whether it's to celebrate a special occasion or just an impromptu, casual evening with good food, lots of kids running around the house, and a nice bottle of wine  (or 2 or 3...) with friends.  Having grown up in families who also loved to cook and entertain, we are doing our best to continue this tradition & hopefully, pass along this trait to our daughter (who has already thrown a couple of rockin' birthday bashes, with a little help from Mom & Dad).  

As a working mom, I spend most of my time juggling career, errands, cooking, cleaning, etc.   Having a creative outlet is my indulgent pleasure.  And I'm so incredibly lucky to have a husband and daughter who are so supportive of my crazy ideas, and sometimes...even willing participants in the madness.  Read along and enjoy our creative journey!

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  1. hi sue - how are you? great to see your blog, Maggie :-)